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Fourth of July 2012: Out on the water

Last time, I posted up a gallery of pictures of the Fourth of July fireworks all on their own since I took a whole bunch. Today I’ll share the rest of the pictures that I’d taken throughout the day. Well, not every single picture I took, but some of the better ones.

In this gallery, almost every image (except for one super grainy, purple-toned image of the water and downtown Miami – should be the final thumbnail in the gallery) was taken with just Hipstamatic‘s random setting. As usual, there are some surprising results to be seen every now and then. I don’t just take one shot of everything, though. When I have the phone on random, I take multiple shots of the same frame to see which lens and film combinations work best. I don’t have to do this with Camera Awesome since I could apply filters and even do some photo editing (sharpness, contrast, colors/vibrance) right in the app later on using the one base image. The other benefit with Camera Awesome is controlling the focus and exposure independently of each other, which is more than I can say for Hipstamatic or even the native camera app for the iPhone.

My favorite of these pictures are the ones with our beautiful Miami skyline. I love looking at it from the water, so I took more images than necessary; some alright, most bad, because the buildings would come out looking too small (despite looking clear to my naked eye) until we way close up to it. It’s the price I pay for being impatient. A couple of the good ones made it in this post, so I hope you like them as much as I did.


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